All Over Again

(more of a song than a poem)

Columbine; Orlando, FL; Newtown, CT; Virginia Tech; San Bernadino, CA; Charleston, SC; Aurora, CO; (too many others); & now Las Vegas, NV.

What goes through the mind of these people, who think it’s justified to brazenly take the lives of others? I’ve never experienced losing someone to violence. For those who have been there, I can only imagine …

I hold your hand as you look in my eyes
Tears begin to fall ’cause we know it’s goodbye
This is not the way we’re supposed to end
Can’t we start today all over again?

How do you speak when the words won’t come?
How do you think when your mind’s gone numb?
How do you breathe when the air won’t flow?
How do you live when your heart just broke?
For a moment, we were happy – “footloose and fancy free”
In a single bullet’s time, that whole world changed for me
This is not the way life’s supposed to end
We need to go back and learn to love all over again
If we’d walked a thousand miles, it would never be enough
If we’d lived five hundred years, I wouldn’t tire of your touch
You’ve been my friend forever, at least that’s how it seems
So how can I let go and throw away our shattered dreams?

I stand there alone as they take you away
Out of nowhere comes a stranger, we lock in an embrace
I know I’m not alone in this ocean of pain
Together we’ll go on and learn to live all over again


A Reverie

The idea is rather simple –
that everything that’s good
is given in equal measure
to each person in the world

No more loneliness or hunger,
no danger or despair
No unjust deprivation
when so many have no cares

Ah, but cynic that I am
and man always being man,
As I live and breathe today,
I know greed will always stand

Whether nature or by nurture
(a demon’s whisper in the head?),
A heart is rarely satisfied
with what it has in hand

And the arrogant will believe
they deserve more than their brother,
though basic needs are few
and excess means only trouble

The dream is but a reverie
Evolution is but a joke
Our progress has not been real, in the end
it’s merely tightened the yoke.

The Love I Seek

You sit before me
not a word is said

I gaze into your eyes
You gaze into mine

Primeval in intensity,
penetrating to the core

What was lost is found,
What was secret is revealed

That feared is now accepted
That denied, now embraced

Time ceases to exist,
the world fades to nothing

Waves of energy ebb and flow,
the eternal dance of death and creation

Our souls kiss .. ever .. so .. gently,
yet forming a bond that hell couldn’t destroy

Night falls,
Pegasus gallops across the sky

I gaze into your eyes,
you gaze into mine

You sit before me
Words have no meaning.


(A police officer was killed in the line of duty in my home town the other day. He had barely been on the force for a year.)

Lower the flags in honour
Bow your heads in prayer
I heard another hero died today
How much sorrow must we bear?

‘Justice will be served’ is bitter comfort
for the wife, the brother, the child
Let us never forget the courage
or the sacrifices made in their lives

The thin blue line stands strong
It may bend but will never fail
Tho’ each heart may bleed for the fallen,
it always steps forward to answer the call.

Shed a Tear

Shed a tear for the inner child
Who died giving bi­­rth to the man
Shed a tear for for­gotten dreams
That withered as ti­­me moved on

Shed a tear for fami­­ly and friends
Alive now only in me­­mories,
Existing in faded pictures
On a fragile, crumb­­ling page

Shed a tear for an empty heart
That feels nothing but wasted life
Biding its time in sadness,
Waiting for its turn to die

Collect the tears in a paper cup
And pour them on the ground
May roses spring fr­­om the bitter drops
May new beauty soon abound.

Floating in a Vacuum

Floating in a vacuum
of anachronistic indifference
Fatally infected
with metastasistic cynicism

Blood coursing though my veins
is a disinterested shade of gray
Merely killing time
day by meaningless day

What future still remains
for a creation of the past,
swept asunder by history
and tides of relentless change?

State of disconnection,
absence of direction
Eyes can see, mind perceives
The heart is cold and still

What does it mean to want,
what does it mean to dream,
what does it mean to feel?
Where did life go?