A Poem for Evy

This came out of one of the more heartbreaking moments on that forum for unhappy people that I mentioned previously.  Evy “Noel Martelli” Raine made a few posts and perhaps received some measure of comfort from those who responded. But unfortunately it was too late – she was too far along the path and took her own life on 08-18-2015, at the age of 32.

Into the depths of a luminescent sky
Her lonely spirit floated on a never-ending sigh
The earth shrank below to a shimmering dream
A river of tears transformed to a delicate, meandering stream

Faster now she glides on a golden ray of light
Angels await her coming, their arms are opened wide
Deep inside her soul plays a long forgotten song
The melody is sad, but she knows she’s going home.

The suffering and sadness, all the pain she knew
Turn into a rainbow of multicolored hues
Her hell is just a memory, and it too now dissolves
Her heart explodes with joy, there’s nothing left but love!


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