Autumn of the Heart

(Oct 2015)

One by one, my wishes and dreams,
my silly little plans, all my endless schemes
Turn brittle and brown and fall to the ground,
blown by the wind and scattered around

As my spirit grows ever colder

If ever I had a life to live,
If ever I had a love to give,
It’s only a mirage that taunts,
promise broken and left to rot

As my soul grows ever colder

I long to disappear like the sun in the west,
find the end of the road and my measure of rest
My footsteps would fade like the morning fog
I was never here, no sadness follows my loss

As my memory grows ever colder.

My heart’s as barren as a late autumn tree,
stripped of singing birds and whispering leaves
Search my mind in vain for signs I’m still alive,
find only emptiness where hope used to thrive

As my body grows ever colder


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