Dancing with an Angel

This was kind of whimsical poem that came to me a few weeks ago, partly inspired by a line in a poem I read on a friend’s blog on this site.  I hear it almost as a song in one of those old lavish early 20th century musicals, with Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly dancing & singing around a ballroom, dressed in a fancy tuxedo and such.

Waltzing with an angel,
Dancing on a cloud
Laughing at the danger
Sunbeams shining down

So fragile is the moment,
A ghost without a face
I touch your hand in passing
It takes my breath away

Dancing with an angel,
Floating on a cloud
The melody consumes us
We glide without a sound

So fragile is this moment,
A love without a place
You smile and darkness flees
My heart begins to race

Whirling with an angel,
Spinning all around
We shake the heavens loose
Stars falling to the ground

So fragile is the moment,
The spell is broken now
The cloud dissolves to tears
You’re nowhere to be found.

Abandoned by an angel,
Lost without a cloud
Weighted by the sadness,
I’m slowly sinking down

So fragile was the moment
I dreamed beyond my right
My pride explodes in starbursts
They fade into the night.


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