Nocturnal Musings

(Jul 1991)

Summer evening breeze, flowing cool and soft
Caress my face with your gentle touch
Kiss my lips as no lover can
Carry my spirit away to distant lands

Roaming darkened streets abandoned by man,
Ever more aware of God’s silent hand,
I feel my soul rising, seeking new heights,
Breaking the chains I impose in the light

Sounds of nature, I admit your life!
You express your purpose, perhaps greater than mine
But dare I ask you to lower your voice?
You disturb my romance with the wind and the night

Who do men fear the nocturnal world?
What terrors arise with the bedding of the sun?
Is it loneliness of heart or disquiet of mind
‘Tries all to escape from solitary quiet time?

Gibbous moon rising with a borrowed glow,
Whisper a hint of the secrets you know
Your light has graced many, saints and sinners alike
Impart us the wisdom you’ve learned from their lives

And last but not least – a thousand points of light
Subtle, yet sharp, they sprinkle the sky
A heavenly crown, to which none of gold can compare
Woven through the tapestry of a city summer night.


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