Geometrical Silliness

(and I swear I haven’t been drinking)

Unless our lives were parallel,
we couldn’t help but meet
The point of intersection
being more or less discrete

Our perpendicularity
is less peculiarity
than differing degrees
of latent similarity

You complement my supplement,
acute where I’m obtuse,
hypotenize my rightness
when my arcs are running loose

But alas our lines are infinite
The convergence cannot last
Our paths diverge to nothing,
the present to the past.


11 thoughts on “Geometrical Silliness

    1. Hello, Morgan. I’m too new to this WordPress thing to know where the problem might lie.

      I haven’t had any one else report a similar issue. Are you using any kind of unusual browser? I’ve accessed the site and similar ones with no problem on Firefox and Chrome, under Linux, Win 7/XP, and Android.


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