If Wishes Were Kisses

I fondly recall a lovely fair-haired angel,
Her memory though fainter with passing of years
I often held her hand as we sat close together,
imploring heaven to let the moment last forever

What I really wanted was to kiss her, as lovers
in the throes of passion are wont to do,
gently wrap her in my arms – but then
we were only silly children of barely ten!

Still, what a fool I was to let her go
Our lives diverged and parted so
How I long wished to see her again,
carry on that passion I’d dreamed we were in

Sadly it turned out this was never to be
Fate being cruel, also crushed out this dream
Death came for Starla and stole her away
and if I only knew then what I now know today

I would’ve held to that hand
with a grip stronger than steel
I would’ve stolen precious kisses
for the future to feel

Where are you now, my fair-haired angel?
Do you even remember my face or my name?
Perhaps you’re the muse that inspires my pen
Perhaps you’re the song that erupts from within

I miss you, my dear, if we’d traveled a different road
We might still be together to face the unknown
And if wishes were kisses and moments were lives,
I would treasure your love to the very end of time.


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