Barbed Wire and Flowers


This was the landscape beside the English Air Force base where I spent a year of my life in the mid 1980s (before the AF and I parted ways, due to a minor disagreement over the existence of nuclear weapons).


Jetplane trails and rainbows
decorate the skies
Blink and you might miss
hell’s angels flying by

Dragons without wings
World without a soul
Hate that knows no bounds
Love that’s growing cold

All hail the conquering nation
Long live the mighty dollar
God forbid a moment’s compassion
for a lonely starving child!

Barbed wire and flowers,
opposites attract
Beauty wed the Beast,
all while Satan laughed.



Meetings and partings
are births and deaths,
Life’s endless dance thru time

Our paths converge
and continue on,
Turning friends into strangers once again

In a moment, a year,
We shed a lonely tear
It’s almost as if we’d never met

Mourn for the memories
Mourn the lost love – but
don’t cry for their fate now beyond your control.

Silence of the Heart (*)

Don’t tell me when you’re hurting
I don’t want to know
My life works fine for me
Yours is yours to lose

Don’t tell me if you’re leaving
Please just let me be
My prison serves its purpose
I don’t want to be free

Loneliness is a Silence of the Heart
No one to love …
No one to hate …
No one at all … just you

“Where ya gonna run?
Where ya gonna hide?”
The disease is in the people …
but it’s also here inside

When you reach out and they turn away,
There’s no escape while you’re still breathing

No one seems to care
when you say you’re going
They only seem to care
when they find you’ve gone

To all you, who’re too young to die …. Rest in Peace.

(* This was a reaction to a 1984 TV movie of the same name, about a teenager who commits suicide.)

As Life Steals into Mine

It all seems so unreal to me now,
a hazy distant mist
the visions of the future
the yearnings of the past

So young I feel, but so old I have become
The dream – it fades, as Life steals into mine

Hope is just a fantasy,
retained from childhood play
Tomorrow’s fields grew greener grass
The wind whispered hints of things to come

So old I’ll too soon be, so young I’d like to stay
A dream I need to grow inside, as Life steals into mine

Truth is all just relative,
or so they like to say
What works for me may not work for you,
But here’s what I have to say

World and words are paths diverg’d, like lovers parting ways
Some truth remains alive in each…

and Life steals into mine.

A Meditation

I am here,
The time is now
Nothing more
I need to know

I breathe in
I breathe out,
Inviting my spirit
to join the Tao

I sit in silence,
empty and alone
Facing the shadows
that hide the unknown

My thoughts and desires
do not define who I am
They’re clouds on the breeze,
driftwood in a stream

Holding to the past,
we chase invisible ghosts,
Refusing to accept
our illusion of control

Wherever flows this river
that carries me along,
I surrender to the current,
floating gently on

I breathe in
I breathe out,
Feeling as my spirit
merges with the Tao

I am here,
The time is now
There’s nothing more
I need to know.


I know you’re out there,
I can feel your pain, so
Into a thousand miles of darkness
My spirit soars…

A hawk … hunting
An eagle … searching
Pegasus on a quest
For the heart that is breaking

And once found, what then?

I pound like a butterfly on the walls
Of the shell you’ve made your prison
My cries are all in vain
Echoing faintly back to mock me

For Heaven knows I am powerless
To save you from yourself
The quest must end in sadness
As I watch your soul disappear.

This is Love

I normally post silly poetry, but considering recent events in Orlando, FL, and elsewhere, this seems appropriate. It’s a song I wrote years ago, but never got around to putting to music.


Turn on your radio … listen to the songs
Listen to what they’re sayin’ … do they know what’s going on?
They all have something to say about love –
things both good and bad
Many empty words are coming through …
do they know what they’re talkin’ about?

Love is patient, love is strong …
it is sincere, admits its wrongs
rejoices with the truth where it is found
Love is not proud, not out for show …
not self-seeking, love does not boast
takes no pleasure when friend or foe is down

A boy and a girl sitting close together on a dark, deserted road
Looking into her eyes, he says, “If you loved me enough, you would….”
Two years later, she’s struggling alone with a child she didn’t want
Remembering his empty words, she thinks, “Is this what love is all about?”

But love always hopes, it perseveres …
Love holds your hand through smiles and tears
Even through its wounds, it will not fail
Love wants the best for everyone,
accepts the costs and carries on
It bears everything in silence – this is love

Nation threatens nation … the violence never stops
Someone bombs an abortion site to protect an unborn child
Don’t it seem strange to protest murder by killing someone else?
They say they do it all for love – have they forgotten what they’re talking about?

Real love is kind, ignores its pride …
seeks for peace and hates to fight
Doesn’t need to have things its own way
Love’s slow to anger, quick to trust …
won’t close its eyes to injustice
It’s living the Golden Rule in thought and deed

What’s in our hearts, why do we hate …
why do we put up with the pain?
If you live for just yourself –
you know you’ll never be satisfied

Not just a feeling, it’s more than words …
a way of life, an act of will

If you really want to know – this is love.