Silence of the Heart (*)

Don’t tell me when you’re hurting
I don’t want to know
My life works fine for me
Yours is yours to lose

Don’t tell me if you’re leaving
Please just let me be
My prison serves its purpose
I don’t want to be free

Loneliness is a Silence of the Heart
No one to love …
No one to hate …
No one at all … just you

“Where ya gonna run?
Where ya gonna hide?”
The disease is in the people …
but it’s also here inside

When you reach out and they turn away,
There’s no escape while you’re still breathing

No one seems to care
when you say you’re going
They only seem to care
when they find you’ve gone

To all you, who’re too young to die …. Rest in Peace.

(* This was a reaction to a 1984 TV movie of the same name, about a teenager who commits suicide.)


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