One Star

One star
Huddled in a corner of the universe

Other bodies
Their gravitational pull but a nudge, a whisper

Its light
back to itself by the hardened shell of loneliness

Dark countenance
Fading warmth trapped in a core no being will ever penetrate to share

One star
victim of its own success in hiding –

afraid of living, afraid of feeling.



Lightning flashes,
thunder rolls
Rain clatters on the tin porch roof

My hope, my faith
pour down the gutter into the earth
Nature cries my tears for me

I want so badly to die
I can taste the blackness
In futile desperation I reach for

the kill-switch on the sun
Lights out and all is done
The movie’s over, the reaper’s won

Life is a scam of struggle and pain
A Hollywood ending
never stood a chance

The game is rigged, only the favored lives
cross the finish-line
to take the prize

The rational response on any normal day
would be to cut my losses
and quietly walk away.

An Appeal to Olympus

Aye, what a curse to have ever been born,
to be thrust into exile in this cold, foreign land!

What crime did I commit to deserve such a fate?
What obscure, unjust law did I unknowingly violate?

I do not recall any semblance of a trial,
no reading of the charges, no defense of any kind

And yet here I am in this prison of men,
hoping each moment for the nightmare to end

I formally request an early release
Is there a lawyer who’s qualified to handle the case?

…to draw up a petition and submit it to Zeus,
protesting my innocence – would it be of any use?

What I ask is quite simple, I believe it quite sane:
To return to the nothingness from which I came

Leave me in silence, leave me in peace,
blissfully having merged with the emptiness of space.