An Appeal to Olympus

Aye, what a curse to have ever been born,
to be thrust into exile in this cold, foreign land!

What crime did I commit to deserve such a fate?
What obscure, unjust law did I unknowingly violate?

I do not recall any semblance of a trial,
no reading of the charges, no defense of any kind

And yet here I am in this prison of men,
hoping each moment for the nightmare to end

I formally request an early release
Is there a lawyer who’s qualified to handle the case?

…to draw up a petition and submit it to Zeus,
protesting my innocence – would it be of any use?

What I ask is quite simple, I believe it quite sane:
To return to the nothingness from which I came

Leave me in silence, leave me in peace,
blissfully having merged with the emptiness of space.


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