A Tree in Autumn

A leaf breaks away
and floats gently to the ground
Another drops off
and whirls lazily around

As each one falls,
the tree stands a little lighter
As branches slowly bare,
rays shine through a little brighter

The tree sighs and stretches,
“I feel so alive, a bit lonely but free!”
“My children have blown away,
There’s nothing left to worry me”

Suddenly it stops in surprise,
a thought has struck anew
“Where are all my friends?
Perhaps they’ve flown away too?”

“The robin, the bluebird,
the squirrel, the cat —
What infamy is this!
I wonder where they’re at?”

It ponders the puzzle in silence
as drizzle turns to snow
Autumn turns to winter,
the earth now barren and cold

But soon a red bird, a snow bird,
a rabbit come to call
Finally it hardly misses
its old friends much at all

Seasons come and go,
the tides roll in and out
The cycles never cease,
no pauses are allowed

Friends – they come and go
in this crazy journey of life
Our hearts beat on in rhythmic thunder
And our souls glow strong inside.


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