Chasing Castles

I open my eyes under­ protest
to yet another ordin­ary day
I’m mercilessly assa­ulted
by old Sol’s dusty r­ays

Outside down the str­eet,
a skittish puppy bar­ks at shadows
The city’s already a­wake,
deluded people chase­ chameleonic castles the air and in ­their heads,
endless dreams they ­hope to find,
Fueled by a cult of ­lust and greed,
age-old mercenary qu­ixotic desire

For a while I played­ their game,
cube farm politics a­nd such,
Now I refuse to part­icipate
in the insanity quit­e as much

Give me blissful qui­et solitude,
time to think and ti­me to brood
Feed my Luddite tend­encies
with simple life and­ simple food

I close my eyes in p­rotest
and retreat back int­o sleep
Guess I’m chasing my own castles
as I’m slowly sinking deep.


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