Elegy for a Friend

(Jul 1993)

Oh Starla, flower of my youth
My first love – a time so dear
Recollections of you have grown fainter through time,
images remaining are ever so strong

Many a year has come and gone
since last I held your hand … and
many thoughts and wistful memories
of childhood innocence outgrown

Your final resting place –
so quiet, so beautiful… so lonely,
a shady spot on a country hilltop
where soft breezes caress the land

Do you sleep, or do you dream?
Are you in a place much better today?
Surely Heaven’s gate opened to welcome your soul
as I’ve so fervently prayed?

How can I continue,
to what purpose carry on?
The earth has lost a blessing
that cannot be reclaimed!

If I could be with you
and I knew you would want me there,
Almost I’d be to take leave of this life
if we could be a peace – together

Perhaps I should rejoice,
you’re free of this insane world…
No sooner the comforting thought arrives
than a tear falls to chase it away

Sleep, my love, you will be missed
Maybe we’ll meet again
Your life here has ended, cut short too soon,
but your memory lingers within –

In the hearts and minds of your family and friends
and all others you’ve touched through the years
And in my own treasured thoughts of youth lives on,
your smile, the fragrance of the flower so dear.



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