A Table Set for One

The trees are almost bare
The skies are cloudy and gray
The air is crisp and cool
Winter can’t be too far away

It seems the holidays are upon us,
times of tidings and good cheer
Families gather together to feast
with all their loved ones near

My table is set for one,
my feast a frozen dinner tray
I solemnly raise my glass to toast
treasured times and younger days

In the silence, mom’s calling out
as she rings the dinner bell
Dad bows his head to bless our food
and our family, to wish the future well

Too many years have come and gone
since those happy holidays of yore
One by one the losses mount,
as chairs have emptied, as spirits have soared

At my table for one by the window,
I gaze out, but my eyes do not see
I reflect on what was and what might have been
and what I know now can sadly never be.


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