Driving a Human Chevy

Many are fond of saying
that nothing is what it seems,
that one day I might wake up
to find life was only a dream

Maybe I’m a photon of light
traveling in a broken, rusty Chevy,
shipped prematurely from the factory
long before it was prepped & ready

Whether born a Mercedes in a third world utopia
or a Pinto in a first world slum,
We have no choice in the matter
when all is said and done

Each person I meet is a photon of light
in a one-of-a-kind human jalopy –
Like me, a few dents & dings, some creaky springs,
inside a bit unkempt, perhaps even sloppy!

We’re all sparks off the cosmic sun
with our own little part to play
in this nonsensical game of life
that wiser pens have called a stage

But a play with no script
is a peculiar sight –
like a song without a melody,
a children’s poem without a rhyme

Whence arrives the meaning,
what director assigns the roles?
Ah, the eternal question!
Does anyone really know?

So the next person you meet,
please cut them a little slack
We’re all stumbling toward the future,
and there is no turning back.


15 thoughts on “Driving a Human Chevy

      1. Oh, that little minor local contest. Well, according to some people, Trump WASN’T elected — it was Clinton who won the popular vote. The so-called electoral college is just a joke.


      2. Yeah, that makes no sense if the people can’t really elect their president. It’s an indirect vote, right? Anyway, he’s your president now! ……..


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