Stolen Away

I sat down to tune my guitar one day and these words tumbled out of my head – maybe a kind of a mournful R.E.M. ballad?

It’s dedicated to anyone who’s died too soon, or to anybody who’s lost someone through violence, suicide, or just plain bad decisions.

If I die .. tonight,
would it be .. alright?
If I fly .. today,
would it be .. okay?
‘Cause you see, this dance
has lost all that romance
that would keep me dancin’ on
instead of hide and fall apart

If I cry .. tonight,
could you make .. things right?
If I break .. today,
could you help me find my way?
‘Cause I see only pain
and it’s driving me insane
Am I spinning ’round in circles
or is the world out of control?

   Hold me in the night when I’m not there
   Sing our favorite love song, I might hear
   Blow me crazy kisses in the wind
   Pretend that you still feel me standing near

If you died .. tonight,
could I hold the tears inside?
If you were stolen .. away,
would my heart know what to say?

Can I stand .. alone
with an ache that just won’t heal?
Can I convince .. myself
that the nightmare isn’t real?

   (How do I) Touch you in the night when you’re not there?
   If I tell you that I love you, would you hear?
   Should I send you one-way kisses on the wind?
   Can I pretend that I still feel you standing near?


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