Waking Dreams

Ghostly voices­­ in my head­­­
Chant as one­ I’ll soon be dead­­­

Moving pictures­­­ haunt my mind­­­
I’ve crossed the br­­­idge a thousand times­­­

Worlds abound­­ in inner space­­
Crushed by screams­­ of silent rage­­

Around the corner­­ just out of sight­­
The demons lurk­­ to curse the night­

Toxic clouds­ of pain and fear­
Shatter the peace­ of all my years­

Strike me blind that I may see
Destroy my life­ and set me free­



(This is another amazing -in my opinion- poem by the same author of my previous post, who would like to remain anonymous.)


One tempestuous night, driven perforce
the wayfarer, intrepid, sets upon his course

Leaving behind many treasures unseen
from all Earthly lusts, he hath weaned

Sparing thought for neither yester nor morrow
his heart leaveth room for not angst nor sorrow

At one with the unruly sea that grows
with unending patience, the wayfarer rows

When the haze finally rises, revealing a distant shore
the world shall need to know him nevermore

That Will Be Me

(This beautiful poem was posted by another writer on another site.  Unfortunately, they asked to remain anonymous, so I cannot give full credit.)


When you brush aside the silk
and welcome the day’s first beam

That will be me

When you hear the whispering wind
tenderly kissing the leaves

That will be me

When you smell salt in the air
and hear the dance of the eternal sea

That will be me

When the October sky catches your eye
and you gaze upon the heavenly gleam

That will be me

When you are confronted with the darkness
and feel a helping hand you can’t see

That will be me … watching over thee