Spring Rain

A gray curtain of falling rain feeds the thirsty trees,
greening leaf by leaf in the early spring afternoon

The ground is littered with dogwood blossoms
as the suckling buds are pelted by the storm

Oblivious to the deluge and with no umbrella in hand,
Squirrels play tag in the yard, scampering to and fro

Occasional rolls of thunder interrupt the hypnotic melody
of raindrops on the tin porch roof

I’m lulled into a peaceful sense of timeless beauty,
these same droplets likely having nurtured the heroes of old

Winter into spring, the constant dance of the seasons
Perhaps not so much death and rebirth, as cycles of living evolution



I’d love to take a snapshot
of the newness of the day –
that moment I first open my eyes
before thinking gets in the way

Morning holds such promise!
The dawn is on fire with hope,
like a rocket ship poised to blast off
to challenge the vast unknown

But alas, my brain insists on booting up
The chaos and trouble soon begin
Shadows are cast and plans are dashed
as countless memories rush back in

Where is the button to pause my life,
to stop the endless replays?
If I couldn’t remember my yesterday,
would it change how I feel about today?


In the silence of the morning,
while the sun is still in hiding,
I lie in sleepless torpor
and reflect on my tomorrows

I grew up always dreaming
full of life and full of schemes
Somewhere along the journey
they dried up, withered, and died.

I lie here in the darkness,
feeling empty, numb, and heartless
The little voice echoes in my head –
I’ve squandered all my chances

As my journey nears its twilight,
I’m stopped by the side of the road
Afraid to drive forward or even turn back,
paralyzed by the unknown

Far off in the distance
(or in the corners of my mind)
The cosmic clock is a pounding thunder
as my seconds tick, tick, tick away