Night Falls in Manchester

I kissed you goodbye,
watched you walk out the door
How was I to know
I wouldn’t kiss you anymore?

When we woke on that morning,
it was just another day
Never could I have dreamed
that you’d be stolen away

How is it the world doesn’t stop
when so many shattered hearts break?
Where are heaven’s angels
when the sky’s on fire with rage?

Darkness falls on Manchester
while the minions of Satan laugh
Does love still exist inside of man
or am I a fool to even ask?

Surely terror is the refuge of cowards
But to commit such a murderous act!
Where is heaven’s justice
to drive the demons back?

A city mourns in silence
Even the birds forget to sing
It seems there are no limits to evil
and the sadness it can bring

A river of tears is powerless
to wash away the pain
I’d give all my days but one
just to see you smile again.


4 thoughts on “Night Falls in Manchester

  1. Heartbreaking how your life can completely change within a matter of minutes. When something you hold so dear just isn’t there anymore. I’m truly sorry if you lost someone to such an act of cruelty.


    1. Actually, when these words came to me, it was just writing from the perspective of someone who might have gone through this. I’m actually in the US. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

      I can only feel a hint of what that was actually like for those on the scene. Heartbreaking is the right word. Senseless, stupid, cowardly – just a few other words that come to mind.

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      1. I wasn’t sure, because what you wrote was so heartfelt. It seems that you hold someone dear to you’re heart and imagining losing them maybe inspired you to write this? I could be wrong, but that’s the feeling I get.


      2. I guess I can just feel a bit of empathy with people in that situation. It seems like every time you turn on the TV, there’s another terrorist attack somewhere, or a local abduction and murder of some young lady. It just gets so sad to keep hearing that. Almost makes you not want to listen to news anymore.


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