A Reverie

The idea is rather simple –
that everything that’s good
is given in equal measure
to each person in the world

No more loneliness or hunger,
no danger or despair
No unjust deprivation
when so many have no cares

Ah, but cynic that I am
and man always being man,
As I live and breathe today,
I know greed will always stand

Whether nature or by nurture
(a demon’s whisper in the head?),
A heart is rarely satisfied
with what it has in hand

And the arrogant will believe
they deserve more than their brother,
though basic needs are few
and excess means only trouble

The dream is but a reverie
Evolution is but a joke
Our progress has not been real, in the end
it’s merely tightened the yoke.


One thought on “A Reverie

  1. Greed is a product of not being fully satisfied. if you live in a society that cares for one another, greed will mollify. Look at the many small scale tribal communities in this world (historically, and some still remaining) as an example.


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