All Over Again

(more of a song than a poem)

Columbine; Orlando, FL; Newtown, CT; Virginia Tech; San Bernadino, CA; Charleston, SC; Aurora, CO; (too many others); & now Las Vegas, NV.

What goes through the mind of these people, who think it’s justified to brazenly take the lives of others? I’ve never experienced losing someone to violence. For those who have been there, I can only imagine …

I hold your hand as you look in my eyes
Tears begin to fall ’cause we know it’s goodbye
This is not the way we’re supposed to end
Can’t we start today all over again?

How do you speak when the words won’t come?
How do you think when your mind’s gone numb?
How do you breathe when the air won’t flow?
How do you live when your heart just broke?
For a moment, we were happy – “footloose and fancy free”
In a single bullet’s time, that whole world changed for me
This is not the way life’s supposed to end
We need to go back and learn to love all over again
If we’d walked a thousand miles, it would never be enough
If we’d lived five hundred years, I wouldn’t tire of your touch
You’ve been my friend forever, at least that’s how it seems
So how can I let go and throw away our shattered dreams?

I stand there alone as they take you away
Out of nowhere comes a stranger, we lock in an embrace
I know I’m not alone in this ocean of pain
Together we’ll go on and learn to live all over again


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